“Consumer demand for new products is outstripping the ability of large companies to come up with marketable ideas.” -CNNMoney.com, July 2008

For a lot of companies out there, this is bad news. Really bad news. They’re faced with a constant need for creativity, yet lack the skills or insight on how to foster it. So they struggle night and day to dream up something new. To some it’s like squeezing blood from a rock. And that’s the secret behind Mills Creative Minds.

I’m the new blood.

While others agonize and groan when they try to pry open the Faucet of Creativity, mine simply doesn’t shut off. My mind is saturated with the stuff. New ideas flow to me and through me, constantly. I kid you not. It’s as easy as breathing, simply because that’s how I was originally designed. Creativity? It’s in my blood.

So for those of you who get depressed when faced with the challenge of generating new ideas, I’ve good news: you can have mine. God has given me more than enough and I really enjoy sharing with those in need.

Trust me, this well’s not drying up anytime soon.